Sorry for the delay in posts. As you may have guessed, things have been a bit hectic and I have had to put my time-crunched training on hiatus. There is time-crunched and then there is positively, absolutely no time to ride.

It has been over two weeks since I have had an opportunity to go for a ride. For me, cycling is a fun diversion, an opportunity to unwind after work and a way to re-connect with old friends. As my wife will attest to, I am certainly a happier person (and more pleasant to be around) when I can get a ride in. So what has it been like the last few weeks? Difficult to say the least.

So I am curious to hear from you.  How do you cope when you have no time to enjoy your favorite activity, hobby or pastime?  Leave a comment and joint the conversation.

Thanks for reading.

~ by notime2ride on September 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Jinxed!”

  1. You really need to make time, for your health and you and your family’s mental health.

  2. I’ve been too busy at work to squeeze in any time for any form of exercise, never mind riding… a 45 minute commute at either end doesn’t help either. I’ve started to make time on Fridays though, for afternoon boot camp, and hoping to start to get back into mountain biking on Sundays. Need to get the fitness back up. Come December though, when the bambino arrives, that might all change…

    • I didn’t start riding again (after a 12 years off) until my oldest was born. It can be done but I wouldn’t commit until everyone’s sleep patterns return to normal (or a quasi-normal state). That’s usually after three months or so.

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